Terms & Conditions

At Bucks Babes we care about our customers and our girls and do all that we can to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time! Just to make sure there’s no confusion, we have a few T&Cs which makes life easier for you the client and the girls!

Client and Performer Contract
* Whilst we can recommend a girl to waitress / strip at your event based on previous customer feedback and our correspondence with the girl, they are Independent Contractors and the agent is the intermediary between client and customer. Once the Contractor is paid by the client, a binding contract is made between her and the Client for her to carry out the duties she is booked for and the client to adhere to the T&Cs of the booking. Bucks Babes are not responsible for their behaviour or any incidents that may occur at the event. ver payment must be resolved between client and performer at the event.
If you become unhappy with the girls conduct during the booking, you have the right to end her shift early and receive a refund from the waitress for hours not done from her directly. If there are any disputes about money or services rendered, that is between the Client and Performer & to be resolved during the booking.

Working Conditions
● So we know parties can get a bit wild sometimes, but the girls must feel comfortable in the work environment they are in. Please do not touch the girls unless guided, you will be given one verbal warning before the girls have the right to leave the gig without refund if this is ignored.
● There is a very strict NO PHOTO rule. We know its a great Snap Chat Story but girls don’t want to be photographed by you wearing little to no attire. It is illegal to take someone’s photo without their permission. Girls will leave without refund if you are caught doing so.

● If they are being harassed or mistreated, or given unworkable conditions such as the venue being too cold (if you guys are wearing jackets and hats, its obviously going to be too cold for a topless waitress) and no refund shall be given by the performer/waitress/agent as they turned up to do their job, but could not continue to do so due to an unsafe work environment ( again, one verbal warning shall be given before they leave without refund). If a girls safety is theatened or a fight breaks out between patrons, your model will leave without warning. We must ensure the safety of our girls.

● The girls do not provide sexual services, do not embarrass yourself by asking. If girls are continuously asked, this is seen as harassment and they will leave without refund.

Price Beat
*If you have received a lower agency quote, we will need to see the quote via email from the agent in order to beat the quote. This applies to performers directly and not generally, for example, if Agent X quotes ‘Geri’ to do a Raunchy strip for $230, and we have ‘Geri’ available also, we will beat that quote for her.

* In order to secure the booking, a small deposit will be required. If you cancel the booking within 14 days of commencement, the deposit will be lost, the reason for this is that the performers and agent will have turned down work whilst the booking was still standing. Cancellation out with 14 days of commencement will recieve a 50% refund. If a booking is cancelled with 24 hours or less notice, 35% of the remaining balance will be due upon cancellation.

*In the unlikely event that one of the girls cant make it due to unforeseen circumstances and we cant find a replacement you are happy with or there is a no show, we will of course refund you the full deposit which was made for that girl. We are an honest agency. f you wish to change the booking once confirmed which leads to it being a lesser value, the deposit will not be refunded.

The Event
* If booking for a mixed crowd ( meaning males & females) or 18th you must specify at time of booking as some girls will only work in an all male environment and find an 18th a challenging environment. There is an extra charge of $20 for mixed crowds /18ths shows and $10 ph extra for waitressing. If you fail to tell us and the girl turns up at the event she may decide to not do the job, and we certainly don’t want that to happen as we want everyone to be happy!

By making a booking, you are agreeing to the Bucks Babes Terms & Conditions and notifying all party members.

You are very welcome to call and discuss these with Jenna.