Female Stripper Hire Melbourne

No Bucks party is complete without a sexy female stripper! Our stunning performers can entertain you with a variety of shows from a saucy G-String through too a Hot XXX Toy show. You can be sure to get a pat on the back from the guests at your party if you book one of Bucks Babes Melbourne Strippers – Imagine the excitement at your party when a sexy police woman walks in and arrests the Buck / Birthday boy, the music starts and she starts stripping! If you want double the fun – book one of our hot female stripper duos for a lesbian show. Bucks Babes also offers racey Speciality Shows.

We have a great selection of Melbournes top female strippers and naughty shows to entertain you and your guests and guarantee you the best prices in Melbourne and as our customers happiness is our priority Our girls are available throughout Victoria. and are also available as Melbourne Topless Waitresses.

In the unlikely scenario your booked performer had to cancel and you were not happy with any replacements offered, we will refund your deposit.


Need entertainment for just 1 hour ? We’ve got it covered!

Choose from:
* G-String Show followed by Lingerie Waitress
* Strawberries & Cream Show followed by Topless waitressing
* Hotvibe Show followed by nude waitressing
* X2 Hotvibe shows followed by a XXX Lesbian Show


G STRING SHOW – fun strip show with your Buck as centre piece, leaving a little to the imagination! Perfect for a mixed crowd (15 mins approx)

RAUNCHY SHOW – full nude strip show to liven up your party. Show girl can use different accessories such as ice, cuffs etc as required (15/20 mins approx

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM SHOW – see Strawberries and cream be used in ways you’d only dreamed off after a full nude strip! (15/20 mins approx)

RAUNCHY 3 IN 1 SHOW – very entertaining show incorporating both strawberries and cream, bubble bath and any other naughty props your show girl wishes to use which could be wax, fire, hand cuffs, lollies etc (25 mins approx)

SIMULATED LESBIAN – watch two of our girls get it on! There’ll be lots of kissing, stroking and touching (25/30 mins approx)


HOT VIBE SHOW – The guys always go wild for this show! Your show girl will perform a nude strip and use vibrators on herself with the Buck at the centre of the show (25 mins approx)

HOT VIBE 3 IN 1 SHOW – Hot sex toy show with added extras including Lollies, cream, bubble bath and your performers favourite props. (30 mins approx)

XXX DOMINATRIX – If you want to have a laugh at the Bucks expense, this show is for you! It includes Dildos ( for her!) Spanking, dominating, whipping (25 mins approx.)

BUCKS BABES SQUIRTING SENSATION – If your looking for some wet and wild fun, this is the show for you! bubble bath, body slides, sexy toys and lots of Bucks participation finished with a REAL vaginal squirt (30 mins approx)

BUCKS BABES VIBE SHOOTING SENSATION – Our talented and sexy strippers will amaze you with their vibe shooting skills. Fun show with crowd participation (30 mins approx)

BUCKS BABES BONANZA – The Ultimate Bucks Party action Packed show incorporating Dominatrix, skilled Vibe shooting and her favourite fruit & veggies! Your Dominatrix will whip the buck into shape and have jaws will hitting the floor when you see our talented show girls perform vibe shooting tricks with their sex toys! Watch her use fruit & ways you’ve never seen before! Lots of crowd participation! ( 45 mins approx)

FRUIT & VEG SHOW- Perfect for guys who love their food and sexy ladies! Your performer will XXX toys &fruit & veg in ways you’ve never imagined as she uses them to pleasure herself. ( Fun and entertaining show with lots of crowd participation! ( 30 mins approx)

LESBIAN HOT VIBE – Hot, hot, hot!! Dildo insertion, double enders, kissing, licking and our girls use lots of other fun things such as cream and oil with each other and the Buck (30/35mins approx)


MARGOT XXX MAYHEM : Raunchy striptease including flexible positions, moisturiser, oils, lollies, fireplay, whipping, hot candle wax, spanking, demonstration of 5 different dildos and vibrators, buck participation, fruit & Veg, dildo shooting to the face, bucks ass waxing, x-rates shots, quoits game, bubble bath finale. (30 mins) $450


COP SHOW FOR MIXED CROWDS, 18TH & 21ST BIRTHDAYS: Jade performs an entertaining show by stripping down to a G-String / nude (depending on requirements) using oils, lollies, whips acrobatic tricks and even sets herself on fire ( everywhere!) The birthday boy/girl even gets a signed stubbie holder to remember the event by! She can tailor the show to suit you. (15 mins) $300

PLEASURE & PAIN: Want the star of the show to suffer ( he does get a safe word)? Jade will dominate him using whips, spanking, oil, cream lollies and even drips candle wax on her naughty parts. She also uses toys on herself and for the grand finale, sets herself on fire! Lots of crowd participation and acrobatic tricks. Choose from two levels – kinky or XXX. The crowd will love it! (30 mins) $400

JADE DIAMOND SPECIALITY SHOW: Jade strips down to nothing but her heels and incorporates oil, candlewax, mousse, lollies, fire an whips. She combines this with acrobatic tricks and a few lucky guys are picked to lick/eat strawberries & cream from her naked body. Jade may need some help finding her hidden pussy pearls before she uses vibrators and performs a vibe shoot. Signed stubbie holder for the guest of honour. A real crowd pleaser! 30 mins – $430, 1 hour show $600


* please advise us if you are having a mixed crowd of guys & girls as some performers will only work in an all male environment and there is an extra $20 charge.